I’m Vladimir Ohotnikov.

Tattoos have their own unique power and magic. They not only beautify the body but also the psyche.



Greetings! I'm Vladimir Ohotnikov, an esteemed tattoo master renowned for crafting exceptional ink artistry.

With a profound love for the craft and years of experience, I specialize in transforming visions into stunning tattoo realities. Every stroke, every detail, is meticulously crafted to ensure your tattoo is not just a piece of art, but a symbol of self-expression and personal significance.


In the heart of a bustling city, there existed a humble tattoo parlor, adorned with vibrant designs and pulsating with creative energy. At its helm was Vladimir Ohotnikov, a legendary artist whose skill with ink was whispered about in hushed tones across the streets. His hands moved with the precision of a surgeon and the grace of a dancer as he etched tales onto the skin of his clients. Each stroke held a story, each color a memory, and each design a piece of the wearer's soul. People from all walks of life sought Vladimir's artistry, drawn by the promise of transformation and the allure of his mystique. Yet, behind his enigmatic facade lay a heart brimming with compassion, understanding the weight each tattoo carried. For Vladimir, it was never merely about the art but about the connection forged between artist and canvas. And so, beneath the flickering glow of neon lights, he continued to weave his magic, leaving behind a trail of masterpieces and lives forever changed.

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I recently had a custom tattoo done by Vladimir, and I couldn't be happier with the result! His attention to detail and artistic talent are truly unmatched. He took my vague idea and turned it into a stunning piece of art that exceeded all my expectations. Plus, the whole experience was comfortable and professional. I highly recommend Vladimir to anyone looking for top-notch tattoo work!

Sarah L.Musician

I had an old tattoo that I was really unhappy with, but Vladimir worked his magic and turned it into something beautiful. His skill at cover-ups is truly impressive. Not only did he completely transform the tattoo, but he also made the process easy and painless. I'm thrilled with the results and can't thank him enough!

Michael R.Artist

Vladimir is a true artist. I've had several tattoos done by him, and each one is a masterpiece. His attention to detail and ability to bring my ideas to life is unparalleled. Plus, he creates such a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere in his studio. If you're looking for a talented and professional tattoo artist, look no further than Vladimir Ohotnikov!

Emily C.Manager

“Consider what you desire. Your tattoo artist will never tell you what tattoo to have.”